To ensure a wonderful party experience, we provide a host of several services, including catering, Makeup & Styling, car rental, music, and photography. These services are rendered via partnerships with professional vendors for a smooth and blissful experience.


Luxury Car Hire

Your party experience includes your appearance and how you pull up to the event. Comfort and elegance are essential parts of a joyful ride, which is why we provide our clients with luxury car hire services, so they show up in style. Whether it is your wedding day, birthday dinner, or fundraiser, you deserve to ride classy and comfortably too. You may choose from a list of luxurious vehicles, including Mercedes, Rolls Royce, and Lamborghinis, depending on your taste, budget, and event type.


Music is an essential aspect of any event and provides the much-needed buzz and rave at your party. At SPH, we have professional DJs, bands, and entertainers skilled in several music genres. Our entertainment team abides by your requirements, from classical music to hip-hop and house music, ensuring your party guests have a lively tune to bump or slow dance to. We also offer live performances and renditions of your favorite music.



SPH services also include the provision of professional dancers to thrill and entertain your guests. Our ‘everything party under one roof’ motto cuts across all spheres, allowing you to choose from a buffet of entertaining dances. SPH dancing services cut across seven options, including the samba girls’ sensual beats, the modern Great Gatsby Experience, A Night In Vegas, and other grooving dance plays. Performance durations vary depending on the selected show and other party requirements. It also includes meet and greets, roving, and photo sessions.


A party is never complete without some refreshments, and SPH’s vendors are well equipped to take care of all your catering needs. Our expertise and professionalism in the culinary field date back twenty-five years. You can select your preferred options from our pre-designed menu or have one custom-made for your event. Our chefs are experienced in making all sorts of dishes and delicacies, including local and continental dishes. We also make provisions for A la carte orders, giving your guests and palates a wholesome treat.


Bar Staff

At SPH, we provide amazing bar and wait staff that tend to your guests’ drinking needs without delay. Parties are to be enjoyed, and your guests should soak in the entertainment without having to source drinks themselves. Our bar and wait staff ensure that drinks flow smoothly and cups stay filled for a blistering and sensational party experience.

MakeUp & Styling

SPH guarantees you flawless face beats and hairstyling for that special occasion in conjunction with our reliable stylists and makeup professionals. Our vendors are highly experienced professionals capable of giving you a perfect look for your next event. Be it your wedding, date night, or a professional outing, SPH vendors ensure a glamorous look that exudes confidence and complements your outfit. Our makeup and styling services are tailored to suit your style, event demands and give a flawless appearance in photos.


Photography and Videography

At SPH, we help to create and preserve memories through timeless pictures and videos that capture the amazing moments of your wedding, parties, and other events. We have a team of professional photographers and videographers skilled in capturing the perfect shot to tell your party experience in images. The SPH photography and videography team is on hand to cover your upcoming events, ensuring that you can relive those moments years after through beautiful pictures and goofy videos.